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Problem with HP BSM Setup and Configuration Utility (License Page)



I have a problem during my post installation in Setup and Configuration Utility. I can't proceed to the next page which


is License. I'm done with creating database (Management, Schema,  BPI..)


Then, I try to run dbverify and I see this error:


Verifier found failed storage checks:
Problems for user = 'system' ,database = 'BSM_Management' ,host = 'student16' :[TASK ID 156] CHECK MINIMUM SIZE FOR ROLLBACK SEGMENT TABLESPACES --->  TEST FAILED.
    TableSpaces that don't have Min Segment Size of [500 MB] are:
    TableSpace name =[UNDOTBS1 ]
Problems for user = 'BSM_Management' ,database = 'BSM_Management' ,host = 'student16' :[TASK ID 154] CHECK SIZE OF TEMPORARY TABLESPACE OF THE DB --->  TEST FAILED.
    The Temporary Table Spaces of the user are less than [ 500 MB] minimum size

How can i proceed to License? Additional from these, how can i get license code?




How can i fix the error?