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Sitescope 11.20 quick reports via SSL port

Hello Sitescopers,


I am wrestling with a quick report problem in our environment.

We are using SSL and port 443 to get access to our Sitescopeserver (Linux CentOS).


Our webaccess is through a very locked down firewall and we had a struggle to get access through port 443 at all.


The GUI is working fine, however the Quick Reports are not working...

This seems to be because the reports are using port 8888 by default and this port is of course blocked by the firewall.


Now, I would like to configure the quick reports to go through the same SSL port as we use for the GUI, but this does not seem to be possible?


Can someone confirm that my understanding is correct? Do I need to setup a second SSL port and redirect the QR through this port?


If it is not possible to use the same SSL port as the GUI, do someone have an up to date guide how to get the certificates to work for this new port? The Tomcat server.xml file that is used for the GUI does not seem to have any impact on the QR port settings  and the documentation in the deployment guide points to a non existing document (\docs\HTTPSaccess.htm).



Kind Regards,