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Sitescope 11.22 Runmonitor.log Error

Hi Experts,

We have Sitescope11.22 installed on Win2008 server.

I see lot of entries for below error in runmonitor.log

2013-07-24 00:15:13,312 [PROD LoadServer- Log(SERVERS.1.1/13) ] ( ERROR - list of SSH retries -->
2013-07-24 00:15:13,312 [PROD LoadServer-Log(SERVERS.1.1/13) ] ( ERROR -
Wed Jul 24 00:15:13 EDT 2013 Got to the limit of SSH connections: 3 for remote: ist, waited: 60016 milliseconds for the next available connection.Consider increasing the max number of SSH connections allowed for this remote.

Runmonitor.log is full of SSH error like one mentioned above.

Could anyone help on this and tell how this can be avoided.
Thanks in advance!