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Sitescope File monitors – Error parsing net time command

Interested to see if others are experiencing lots of entries in error.log file for SiteScope file monitors.


Sample message from error.log


2013-09-18 10:08:21,180 [UAT Check ivr.hb(UAT_Heartbeat/9) ] (Platform.java:3130) ERROR - Error parsing 'net time' command's "Current time" output: Unparseable date: "Current time at \\ourservername.gov.bc.ca is 2013-09-18 10:08 AM"


If I run the  net time  command manually it returns the date and time information. 


C:\>net time \\ourservername.gov.bc.ca
Current time at \\ourservername.gov.bc.ca is 9/18/2013 12:35 PM

The command completed successfully.


Appears that sitescope file monitors run this command as part of the file check.


I have logged a call with support however no answer at this point.   We are running SS version 10.10