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Re: HP SiteScope - disabling alerts after it is acknowledged and reenabling after it changes status


Thanks for this information. I was just wondering if we can make this a bit more secure.

I am not a big fan of putting the login credentials(username and password) in the script or command line.

So basically we have some other people from our team that wants to use the SiteScope API and incorporate it in their script. 

Is there any other way to make this more secure by not having to type the login credentials on the command line?


For example, 

call C:\SiteScopeAPIExamples\bin\run_api_call.bat SiteScopeEnableAlertCommandLineUtil  -host localhost -port 8080 -useSSL false -login admin -password admin -alertpath %7


Notice how the command above says "-login admin -password admin"

is there any way to make this more secure by not having to enter the login credentials?


Any advice on this is very much appreciated.