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Adding values in a multi select list



I am trying to add a value in a multiselect list box when changing a field.please check the below code..


varalm = "HPALM" ' i want this values needs to be appended in the multiselct values
     var_NewValue =  NewValue & ";" & varalm
  ' msgbox "MultiV.Text : " & MultiV.Text
   TestSet_Fields.Field("CY_USER_09").Value = var_NewValue
     msgbox "TestSet_Fields.Field(CY_USER_09).Value : " & TestSet_Fields.Field("CY_USER_09").Value



what I want here is if the user change the values in the CY_USER_09 field then I need to append that "HPALM" to the list.So user may select more than one values here .It is a multiselct field and HPALM is already in the list.