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Re: Add first PC Server to lab managament: Not authorized to reconfigure server

We 've got the same issue to our environment: Production ALM/PC version 11.52 installed on Windows2008R2sp1 (SQL server 2008R2sp1).

We checked the LAB_PC_SETTINGS table but  the QC_INTERNAL and EXTERNAL URL values are OK.

We also got the LR page from the ALM server using the following URL

http://<Pc serer hostname>/LoadTest/General/Login.aspx?back=%2floadtest%2fHosts%2fHostProcesses.aspx%3fdomain%3dDEFAULT%26project%3dLAB_PROJECT%26cookie%3dODIxMTAxMjtFVno1REM1RlZwRDhvYTlxMHJ6SytRKio7UGVyZm9ybWFuY2UgQ2VudGVyIENsaWVudCBVSTsgOyA.%26QCServer%3dhttp%253a%252f%252f<Pc server hostname>%253a8080%252fqcbin%26hostName%3d<PC server hostname>2%26entity%3dPCServer


meaning that the PC server can be connected from the ALM server.

Any idea?