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Re: Importing Requests from XML Files

Hello Dayana ....this is Frank from the forum and I hope it is ok that I reply to your message on the Importing Requests from XML files. We recently upgraded to 9.14.004 and I have worked with the new import feature and have some questions.


Previous to 9.14,  We had been using the PPM XML Importer 'plug in' process to take an EXCEL spreadsheet that has data for the request tokens we want to populate.  We could have multiple rows of different data.  We were supplied the Excel Add-In that we would run to create the XML file from the data.  We would then import the file to PPM which would create the muliple requests.


In the new 9.14 process is there such a process now provided?  I can no longer use the XML file that the Importer creates in the 9.14 process (I get a java lang error).   What is the recommended process to use if I have a spreadsheet of data that I need to convert to the appropriate XML file which can then be used with the 9.14 import function?


Any information or guidance would be appreciated and let me know if you need further information.  Thank you.