Occasional Advisor
Re: PMO - Project Status Report Issues

You were right on that... It had been so long I had forgotten that a request was needed first.


So from the debug I found (I believe) where the missing expression lies.


SELECT kr.request_id, kr.description, kl.meaning, ku.full_name assigned_to_name,
DECODE(krd.parameter2,NULL,'',TO_CHAR(TO_DATE(krd.parameter2,'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS'),'Mon DD, YYYY')) date_identified, ks.status_name
    FROM kcrt_fg_pfm_project pfmprj
    JOIN kcrt_fg_master_proj_ref proj_ref ON pfmprj.prj_project_id = proj_ref.ref_master_project_id
    JOIN kcrt_request_details krd ON krd.request_id = proj_ref.request_id

    AND krd.request_type_id =?????
    AND krd.batch_number = 1
    JOIN kcrt_requests kr ON kr.request_id = krd.request_id
    LEFT OUTER JOIN knta_lookups kl ON kl.lookup_code = kr.priority_code AND kl.lookup_type = 'ISSUE_PRIORITY'
    LEFT OUTER JOIN knta_users ku ON ku.user_id = kr.assigned_to_user_id
    JOIN kcrt_statuses ks ON ks.status_id = kr.status_id
    WHERE pfmprj.request_id = 33565
    AND (kr.status_id IN ( 4 )  OR
      (kr.status_code in ('CLOSED_SUCCESS', 'CLOSED_FAILURE') and kr.last_update_date > sysdate- 7*2))
    AND kr.priority_code in (decode ('Y', 'Y', 'CRITICAL', 'N/A'),
                                     decode ('Y', 'Y', 'HIGH', 'N/A'),
                                     decode ('N', 'Y', 'NORMAL', 'N/A'),
                                     decode ('N', 'Y', 'LOW', 'N/A'))
 ORDER BY kl.seq desc, krd.parameter3 desc


I of course added the ????... This would seem to be happening in the Issues section of the report... I'm at a loss for why the expression isn't complete.


I'll open up an incident with Support.