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IMC Ver 7 - Alarms



Since upgrading to Ver 7 we are gettting constant alarms from non-HP equipment on IMC.


Basically any device that is not 3Com, H3C or HP seems to be generating an alarm.    A lot of these would be using SNMPv1.


We tried removing device and rediscovering but get same issue.


For now, we have just simply umanaged device to stop alarms.


I can use "Open Web Manager" to broswer to device so IMC can ping and browse to device.  If I use MIB Mangement on device setting I can connect to device and check its uptime.  Uptime in window of device view differs from uptime on actual device when you use MIB Management.  MIB Mangement Uptime is correct  whilst Device view uptime is incorrect. (just an observation)


Any ideas why jump from Ver 5.2 to Ver 7 would cause this?


I have attached screen-shot of alarms.  Same for all devices.