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Agree, especially regarding your statement:


Knowledge Base was easy to use, why make it more complex ? and why change what work so well for many years? Change is good and many times necessary when done for improvement, this is NOT the case, the lines to GMCSC support will become clutter with cases for questions that were easily searchable in the good old NonStop Knowledge Base, Can we have it back?  


I am tempted to contact GCSC regarding a query, which I used to be able to obtain by searching through the old KBNS. This new one, even when filtering takesa ages and then tells me it can't find the information required. On the occasions I've obtained information (after paging through several pages of results,) then information is not displayed in a single browser page, requiring me to scroll form left to right to read the remainder of the line and then having to scroll right to left to start again on the next line. 


It's not just HP NonStop users which are complaining, a lot of forums have similar gripes on this new means of searching for information.