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If you are not able to Open a Knowledge Base article or Patch Link from HP Web Site

If you are not able to open a Knowledge Base article or a patch from the HP Software Support Web Site please consider you need to have a valid HP Passport account and a SAID associated to your HP Passport. 


To add a SAID to the HP Passport account you can perform the following steps:


  1. Navigate to 
  2. On the top of the window please sign in using your HP passport account 
  3. Once you are logged on the web site, please click on edit your profile 
  4. Then click on: "Edit system handle / service agreement identifiers (SAIDs) " 
  5. Confirm your SAID is linked with your HP passport account 
  6. If your HP passport account is not associated, you should type the SAID or Contract Number and click on ADD button.


If you need to know your SAID or Contract Number, please contact your HP Sales rep or your company business administrator. 



Juan Pablo MS
HP | Unified Functional Testing Engineer

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