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Re: Unable to get SlvTable column name correctly for a particular scenario

Hello Naveen,


Given your print output and comparing it to the table screenshot, I cannot see the problem you report.

I mean, there is the correct number of iterations and order of output.


In short, by "internal Silverlight DataGrid properties and methods" I mean every method and property you access with the help of .Object property, like ..SlvTable.Object.Columns;




Those are all not implemented and therefore not supported by QTP/UFT as opposed to ..SlvTable.GetCellData, for example, which is implemented by QTP/UFT and based on the control's internal methods and properties.

For a QTP/UFT test object's properties and methods you check in QTP/UFT help > Object Model Reference;

For a control's internal properties and methods you check in corresponding technology's API reference. For example, the SlvTable test object represents the Silverlight DataGrid class, whose properties and methods you can find here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.controls.datagrid(v=vs.95).aspx








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