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Re: Unable to Change Draft Run value as "N" while running from QTP



Recently we are also upgraded to QC 10 to 11 and we too facing the same issue. While the running the scripts from QC to QC the draft value is 'N' but running from QTP to QC the draft value setting as 'Y'.


Due to this the result is not posted in the Main window of the test set. It is showing Test Execution Status as 'No Run' and Launch Report button also disabled but the results are available in Test Instance Details - Runs History (Double click that 'No Run' Instance)


If we manually change the Draft value as 'N' the actual run execution status reflected in the main window.


I am using the following scripts to execute the QTP Test scripts and update the results in QC


Set objResults=CreateObject("QuickTest.RunResultsOptions") 'Set Result options

objResults.TDTestSet = strTestLabPath & "\" & strTestSetFolName & "\" & strTestSetName ' Test set name
objResults.TDTestInstance = "1" 'Test Instance
objQTP.Open "[QualityCenter] " & strTestPlanPath & "\" & strTestToRun, True
objQTP.Test.Run objResults


This was working fine with QTP 11 and QC 10 but not working with QTP 11 and QC 11.


Kindly let me know is there any way to update the 'Draft Run' value through vbs file.