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Re: UFT 11.5 Validating License...
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 We have found the solution for "HP UFT 11.5 has stopped working while validating license" after some significant efforts on the problem.  I have attached the  solution for your reference. PFA... This problem is very similar to HP vugen 11.5 ".net framwork error". Using this solution, we can resolve both the error.. 


1. Go to C:\windows\temp\

2. find there is a file name:  HP_Unified_Functional_Testing_11.50_RegistrationFailure

3. copy paste the file into Desktop.

4. open the file using notepad.

5. copy the content of notepad into WORD and delete  ERROR ON COMMAND: using find and Replace option.

6. Replace the command Syswow64 to System32.

7. Now copy the content of WORD to notepad again.

8. Save the notepad as .bat file .

9. Run the bat file. 

10. Now open the HP UFT 11.5, It should work fine without any error.


I have given graphical explanation in the attached document. 



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