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Loadrunner 11.52 testing Oracle Fusion (RMS - Java Applet)
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I'm making an attempt to test an application based on Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g. Specifically, I'm working with Oracle Retail Merchandising System. RMS uses Java 1.6_25. The application launches a Java applet via browser.


Has anyone successfully tested with Oracle Fusion 11g?


Here's a brief summary of what I've seen:
* While recording with Web+NCA protocol, only web functions are recorded
* While recording with Oracle Web11i, only web functions are recorded
* While recording Java over http only web functions are recorded and the BodyBinary data (see below) still causes issues with improper playback
* While recording with Web, (of course) web functions are recorded
* As an aside, TruClient used to work for recording but the app mysteriously moved outside the browser into a Java App. TruClient no longer works.


The problem with the web functions are that regardless of actual outcome (for example, creating an item) we receive an http 200 (ok) for any request that is made. So I'm seeing success on playback when the script is actually erroring somewhere.


The origin of the problem (I think) lies in the binary data being passed from client to server. Nearly every web call has BodyBinary content. I believe it is this BodyBinary which is not properly being correlated. There's also a ton of binary coming back in the responses. I suppose maybe this binary needs analysis and correlation. But... is there a different way?


Two questions:
1. Has anyone ever tested Oracle Fusion and if so what is the best method and protocol?
2. Generally in terms of testing Java applications, could I get a hold of .jar files and leverage them to create a more understandable data structure from the binary data? How big of a job is that?



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