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Re: Loadrunner 11.52 testing Oracle Fusion (RMS - Java Applet)

Hi Dan,


Do you really need the NCA_set_connect_opt?

Here you go:






                nca_set_connect_opt(SCALE_INFO, 8, 21);


                nca_set_connect_opt(REQUIRED_LIST, 0);





If I wasnt clear enough, want to repeat that the issue with VUGEN, that my colleague identified, was that the URL to which NCA traffic was flowing, now had a new additional parameter in the URL.

This confused the code generator and hence the request was being seen as a web_custom request instead of NCA.

This parameter in the URL however, wasnt always needed and hence my colleague just created his own HTML file which invokes the application without that additional parameter.


And presto, the traffic now gets recorded without any issues.

Hope you are able to get out of the situation soon.