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Re: Oracle RPM with LR 11.52

Have worked with RPM on LR9.52.


I dont think it would be way different. Couple of things to note.


1. I record using the main class method and not batch file. This detail is in your JNLP file.

2. Download all the JARs required into a local folder and reference the individual JARs in your JVM Class path. Through UI, this is in JAVA FUNCTIONS > Add location / Add file. Manually, you can edit the default.cfg in your script folder for this.

3. Get access to the code : - To understand the function calls, do custom edits, tweak hooks etc, you will need it. If you get an rpm developer, better still.

4. Not the easiest application to work with. The final scripts in my case were completely custom coded. Note I was only maintaining the set, and often wonder how the original scripts were completely custom coded. It almost is like writing up a RPM client side.

5. Read up on user hooks, you will need to change the default hooks, create your own, record and re-record to get the accurate set of calls in code without unneccessary junk.


All the best, I can say its the most complicated set of scripts i ever came accross.





If the total vuser count is low, look at alternatives such as RDP / QTP. QTP too has some issues working with all of the controls.