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Active Directory and OO LDAP config

hi there,


Im not having much luck configuring LDAP (AD W2k8 R2) auth with OO (version 9.07), I have spent almost a day on this problem and have read the other posts relating to OO LDAP Auth.


OO doesnt seem to be able to see any other group aside from Domain Users and thats only when i point the contexts to the top of the LDAP tree, when i point it to the contexts shown below it fails to see the group I'm pointing to (MS). Even when it does see the Domain Users group it fails to recognize my user as a member of it.


Ive tested everything as far as attributes using ADSI Edit and LDAP paths using ADFind so i know they are correct, any help on this would be most appreciated.


AD Domain = testdomain

An internal OO account  = cn=matrix console login,cn=managed service accounts,dc=testdomain,dc=local

LDAP URL = ldap://ad2.testdomain.local:389

LDAP search filter that tries to match the user groups = (&(member=cn={1},CN=MS,OU=Access Groups,OU=MS,OU=Staff,DC=testdomain,DC=local))

List of LDAP contexts containing user groups = OU=Access Groups,OU=MS,OU=Staff,DC=testdomain,DC=local

List of LDAP contexts containing users = cn={0},OU=MS,OU=Staff,DC=testdomain,DC=local

LDAP search filter used in the user search = (sAMAccountName={0})