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Re: Running an "application" within HPSA
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If you have OGFS / OGSH enabled with a user that can impersonate root, then that would be the easiest way of running SECSCN. If not, you would have to use the Audit/Snapshot mechanism I think.


Your script would do something like this:

1. Enumerate Taget servers.

2. Copy SECSCN tarball using OGFS onto all target server.

3. Execute SECSCN as you would locally. Using rosh.

4. Create tarball of SECSCN results and copy from target server to OGFS local folder or to another remote server.


For example, here is a simple script that copied a file from a local server to a group of target servers.

Using this sort of for loop makes a task like SECSCN scanning really simple.



cp -f /opsw/Server/@/WIN-VD-TEST/files/LOCALSYSTEM/L/RUBYDEV/feb2013/sasync/migration_files/Host_PortFile.txt ~/
dos2unix ~/Host_PortFile.txt
for n in `ls /opsw/Group/Public/Customer\ Groups/TOOLS/TOOLS_ROOT/HPSA_SERVERS/ALL_HPSA_SATELLITES/@/Server`
        echo $n
        cp  -r -f ~/Host_PortFile.txt /opsw/Group/Public/Customer\ Groups/TOOLS/TOOLS_ROOT/HPSA_SERVERS/ALL_HPSA_SATELLITES/@/Server/$n/files/root/var/opt/opsware/its/port_test/