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Re: Issue with de-activing server after re-build

I have found a workaround to this issue:


When the server is not registered on the server, we have to uninstall the agent after boot, as its part of the PXE boot image.

I have then written a script that runs the initial install, once the install of the HPSA agent is complete and registered against the core, it will copy the following files to a safe area that isn’t cleared on restart of the server:

“c:\program files\common files\opsware\etc\agent\mid”
“c:\program files\common files\opsware\crypto\agent\bootstrap”
“c:\program files\common files\opsware\crypto\agent\admin-ca.crt”
“c:\program files\common files\opsware\crypto\agent\agent.srv”
“c:\program files\common files\opsware\crypto\agent\agent-ca.crt”
“c:\program files\common files\opsware\crypto\agent\opsware-ca.crt”

On subsequent reboots, the HPSA agent is set not to start on boot up, a script then copies the above files from the safe area to the correct areas in the HPSA file structure replacing the files already there. The agent then starts, and due to it using the files from a successful install and registration the agent connects correctly

Bit of a long winded way of resolving the issue but it works.


Thanks for all the suggestions, it did point me in the right direction.