Re: Terminal client does not open on Windows 7 for Business Server Automation



This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future patch. (As of this writing, the fix appears to be available in SA 9.06 and 9.13.)

As a workaround, follow these steps:

1. Open the HP Server Automation GUI
2. Navigate to Tools -> Options -> Terminal and Shell
3. Change the RDP Client string from:

mtsc.exe "%r"


C:\windows\sysnative\mtsc "%r"

4. Save your changes.

Please test RDP sessions again, and make sure it works. 


  1. C:\windows\sysnative\mtsc is not a physical file/application, but in fact an alias in the Windows System to the proper RDP.
  2. This workaround is available in Windows Vista and Windows 7. To get it working for Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP you must install a Microsoft hotfix on your desktop. See the following URL for more info:
For Putty you have to change the string to something like:
"C:\\Program Files\\putty\\putty.exe" -telnet %h %p
but point to the path where Putty exists on your machine.  The string you have in your note is trying to use the command line processor for Windows and instead you just want to point directly to the executable and pass in the type of connection and the variables.  
Hope this helps.
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