What are the pre-reqs required for Fortify 360?

by on ‎03-21-2013 07:02 AM


A few Querstions around HP Fortyfy 360:


1. Do we need to purchase HP Quality centre as a pre-req for HP Fortify 360 ? is there any other pre-req required?
2. Can we purchase only signle component of Fortify 360 like Program Trace Analyzer (PTA)? Or we need to purchase all componenents.
3. Can we use Fortify 360 for desktop applications?



1.  No, HPQC or HP ALM is not required to use F360, nor vice versa, as these are all separate solutions/products.  The finished SCA analysis results uploaded to F360 can be sent into the Defects Module in HPQC if desired.  The decision on which of these two systems to use largely depends on the process flow of your QA organization and whether the defects will be managed within the F360 Governance Module by the developers or pushed into HPQC.  One option may be to only "escalate" reviewed findings into HPQC.

The system requirements for SCA can be reviewed on the following web page, under the "Specifications" tab: 

2. Yes, the various solution items offered by HP fortify can be acquired separately, but certain combinations will offer you greater value than their individualized use.  Our Sales team will want to discuss your needs and goals so that they can formulate the appropriate package for you.

To contact HP Fortify Sales, please refer to this web page:  https://www.fortify.com/company/locations.html

3. Yes, the SCA analyzer works against 19 programming languages and offers real-time, build-time, CLI, or IDE interface analysis.  The finished results are output as a *.FPR file.  This FPR results file can be reviewed within the IDE (Eclipse, Visual Studio), the AWB (workstation console), or F360 Server (web console).

You posted this to the HP QAInspect product forum, understandable due to your HPQC question.  For F360 product-specific questions, it would be best to post queries into that forum specifically.  If you browse to the parent forum for Application Security (http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Application-Security-Community/ct-p/sws-AS), you will want to post to the sub-forum, "Fortify Software Security Center" (http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Fortify-Software-Security-Center/ct-p/sws-Fortify).

Sorry for all the acronyms:
    F360 - HP Fortify's 360 Server
    SCA - HP Fortify's Source Code Analyzer
    AWB - HP Fortify's Audit WorkBench
    PTA - HP Fortify's Program Trace Analyzer
    RTA - HP Fortify's Real-Time Analyzer
     HPQC - HP Quality Center
    ALM - HP Application Lifecycle Manager (enterprise-level HPQC)