root login at console not working (is allowed in /etc/securetty and root password is correct)

by on ‎05-23-2013 10:07 AM


I cannot login as root when accessing the console via the MP (management processor).


I can su to root after logging in as me. So I know I have the correct root password, etc.


As you can see, there is an entry for console in /etc/securetty...

[root@myhost /root] # cat /etc/securetty
[root@myhost /root] #


And this is the result of trying to login as root on the console (via MP) with the correct password.

Console Login: root
Login incorrect


Any ideas???


FYI: This is an rx6600 running HPUX 11.31. 




Make sure your password doesn't contain any special characters like @ ! # etc