Acronym Soup: PSP, SPP, SUM, SIM, etc.

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Is there is single document that provides an overview of Proliant Essentials Foundation Pack; Proliant Insight Foundation Suite; Proliant Support Pack (SPP); Support Pack for Proliant (SPP); Smart Update Manager (SUM); Smart Update Firmware DVD (SUF); Systems Insight Manager (SIM); SmartStart; etc.?


The functionalities delivered under the above mentioned applications are numerous. Individual components are bundled together under HP Insight Foundation, HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) etc. The articles explores briefly about each component.


Prior to Generation 7 servers, HP Insight Foundation is used. Insight Foundation was previously known as HP ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack.


The HP Insight Foundation Suite for ProLiant provides management solutions that are designed to simplify server installation, deployment, configuration, and maintenance throughout their life-cycle and provide customers with higher levels of operational efficiency and highly reliable solutions.


The following software is part of HP Insight Foundation Suite for ProLiant as they provide the above described functionality and as such this is not single software application delivering them:


  • HP SmartStart CD - Enables to setup a new server.
  • HP ProLiant Support Pack - Provides patches and drivers for various operating systems
  • Smart Update Firmware DVD (the same firmware with Smart Update technology from version 9.00) - Helps deploy firmware to the server.
  • Firmware Maintenance CD (Till version 8.70) - Same as above.
  • BladeSystem Firmware Release Sets - Firmware tested and verified together in an integrated HP BladeSystem solution environment.
  • HP USB Key Utility for Windows Enables to deliver firmware components to a using USB key boot facility.
  • SmartStart Scripting Toolkit This provides a flexible way to create standard server configuration scripts to automate many of the manual steps in the server configuration process, thus reducing time in server deployment.

More information about the HP Insight Foundation Suite:



From Generation 7 servers, the HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) is the one product that combines deployment of both firmware and ProLiant Support Pack. This replaces the Insight Foundation.


HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) is comprehensive systems software and firmware release offered as a solution on all HP ProLiant SL/ML/DL 300, 500, 700, and 900 series servers and HP BladeSystems series servers that are supported with Insight Foundation suite for ProLiant version 8.70. More information about SPP is at:




From Generation 7, HP SPP replaces HP Insight Foundation.


HP Smart Update Manager (HP SUM) is a technology included in many HP systems software maintenance and management products for installing and updating firmware and system software components on HP ProLiant and HP Integrity servers, enclosures, and options. For more information, please review information at:


HP System Insight Manager is not bundled in HP SPP, but is available separately. It is a hardware-level management product that supports multiple operating systems on HP ProLiant, Integrity and HP 9000 servers, HP MSA, EVA, XP arrays, and third-party arrays.