Error when saving from Word into TRIM using new office integration and TRIM 7.1

by on ‎08-26-2011 06:33 AM


I think I have come across a sizable problem with the new Office and HP TRIM 7.1 integration.


Create a new word document and save into TRIM using SAVE.


On the TRIM record entry form make it final.


Close Word and check entry in TRIM. It is only metadata and no electronic attachment.


You must save from Word and make it final when saving for this to occur.


It is not fixed yet and there is no current release available which will solve this problem.

I expect that the next service pack will have a fix for this included.


The only option before imlementing 7.1 is to use a workaround, e.g. take the Declare as Final tickbox off the record entry form.