207-Failed Memory Detected in processor 2 socket 6

by on ‎04-27-2012 08:09 AM


I have just upgraded a blade 460c G6 server with a second processor and memory modules.
The system boot allright with no problems, but at the early stage during the booting up, here is the error message that appears:

207 - Failed Memory Detected in Processor 2 Socket 6.


Thats a bug in BIOS.

"Resolved an issue where an Uncorrectable Memory Error is inaccurately reported in the Integrated Management Log (IML) when a DIMM fails to properly initialize during system boot. The inaccurate message states "207-Uncorrectable Memory Error detected by ROM-based memory validation (Memory Module X)" where X indicates an incorrect DIMM number. The IML will now report "207-Memory initialization error on Processor X DIMM Y. The operating system may not have access to all of the memory installed in the system." where X indicates the processor number and Y indicates the DIMM number for the DIMM that failed to initialize properly"

Upgrade bios to Version: 2009.10.01