HP storage blade D2200sb boot question.

by on ā€Ž03-07-2012 01:22 PM


I have host blade connected with storage blade D2200sb (e.g.: bay1 and bay2),

When Iā€™m trying to install Linux OS on the host blade, I found that when OS scan the bus, the storage blade get to be mapped first and only then the local drives on the host,



Storage blade has 4 drives in Raid1/0 ā€“ (2TB)

Local drives are in Riad1 ā€“ (146GB)



When we using our automatic OS installation, this is probably the reason why the OS installed by default on the storage blade rather than the local drives (which we desire to install on local drives rather than on storage blade)


My question: Is there a way to set the bus scan of the OS (maybe via BIOS settings) in a way that the local hard drives will get to be the first to be scanned?

(So local drives will get /cciss/c0d0


They should be able to set the internal Embedded array to boot first by changing the Boot Controller order in the ROMBIOS.


It would look something like this:








I hope that helps. Any other comments or suggestions for Irit?