What is the supported memory options for rx7640?

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What is the supported memory options for rx7640


Memory Loading Rules:
 -Memory must be installed in pairs - modules (2 DIMMs of equal density)
 -Memory modules (pairs of DIMMS) are available in three densities: 4 GB (2×2048MB), 8 GB(2×4096MB), and 16 GB (2×8192MB).
 -Memory bundle product numbers consist of DIMMS already qualified in the memory modules.
 -Minimum memory is 2 GB per cell
 -Maximum memory per system is 256 GB-using sixteen 16 GB memory modules (8 GB pairs) persystem.
 -Larger DIMMs must be loaded first across a cell, followed by progressively smaller DIMM sizes.
 -On each cell board, Memory Pairs must be installed in the following order: (0A, 0B), (1A, 1B), (2A, 2B), (3A, 3B), (4A, 4B), (5A, 5B), (6A, 6B),(7A, 7B)
 -DIMM mixing other than recommended configurations is supported as long as the memory loading rules are followed.
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