How to submit Enhancement Request for QTP / UFT ?

by on ‎01-08-2013 12:36 PM

Whenever you want to submit an ENhancement for QTP/UFT , first do search for existing existing Enhancement requests regarding the same.

Go to our Self Solve knowledge search page :


Select the Product correctly , then select only the 'ENhacement Request' checkbox so that ENhancement requests are returned as results. Uncheck everything else. Now enter "keyword" to search and see if the required Enhancement is already submitted by others.


If not  found , then go to link : and submit your ENhacement request by filling all the required details.


This request will come to the Support team as an Enhacement request case where in we will validate if the submission is proper and also check if there are any existing enhancements.

Later we will give you the ID to track it once the request has been approved by RnD.


Once you get your Enhacement ID , you can come back to the same portal where you submitted Enhancement and track the Enhancement. Usually it will take couple of weeks for the Enhancement to be found publicly on this portal after you receive the ID.


Before submitting one , you can also post your query here and check with Support team if there are any enhancements regarding the same. Because some enhacements which are not yet made available publicly will not be retrieved in your search.


NOTE : All Enhacement request are considered for furute release of the product or sometimes in a patch. The fix or solution or support will not be available immediately in the current release.