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Welcome, paul courry!
MPE/RCEN: Setting & viewing clocks on the MPEIX sys??
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Document Type : EN
Date : 2000 Mar 31
Description : MPE/RCEN: Setting & viewing clocks on the MPEIX sys??
Document Id : MPEKBRC00000096
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MPE/RCEN: Setting & viewing clocks on the MPEIX sys??
DocId:MPEKBRC00000096  Updated:3/31/00 12:56:07 PM


What are the different clocks on my system and how do I set them
when there is a time change or the clocks need to be adjusted?
How can I view the current settings on these clocks?


This document applies to HP/3000 systems on MPE/IX 5.0 or higher.


There are two clocks on your MPE/IX system.  A hardware or PDC
clock and a software or MPE system clock.  There is also a CTIME
function which is not a true clock but is a value derived from the
hardware clock (GMT) and the TZ variable. The CTIME is a function
used by programming languages, such as COBOL or C/XL.

1.    There are two ways to view the clock settings on your
      system.  There is a telesup utility, SHOWCLKS, and an
      MPE command, SHOWCLOCK.

      a. The SHOWCLKS utility displays the GMT, the offset
         (difference between GMT and system time), the system time,
         the TZ variable (if set) and the CTIME clock:

        ***                                                    ***
        ***Greenwich Mean Time : WED, OCT 29, 1997,  8:07 PM   ***
        ***GMT/MPE offset      : -8:00:00                      ***
        ***MPE System Time     : WED, OCT 29, 1997, 12:07 PM   ***
        ***                                                    ***
                    **** C Library Information ****
           Current value of Time Zone(TZ) variable : PST8PDT
           CTIME function return :  Wed Oct 29 12:07:56 1997

     b.  The SHOWCLOCK command displays the system time, any
         time corrections that are occuring (ie, setclock was just
         used to change the system time and a gradual correction
         is taking place), and the timezone/offset and hemisphere.

          SYSTEM TIME: WED, OCT 29, 1997, 12:49:35 PM

2.   Setting the Hardware Clock

     The hardware clock is set at the ISL prompt using CLKUTIL.
     It is always set to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).  This clock
     should only need to be set once, when installing the system.

     To verify the current GMT, call (303)499-7111. The GMT clock
     is used as a factor in calculating the CTIME function and the
     system clock.  To reset GMT time you can reboot your system
     and at the ISL prompt type in CLKUTIL, then enter the correct
     GMT date and time or by using SETCLOCK as follows, logged on
     as manager.sys:

     :SETCLOCK;TIMEZONE=Wn:00   (see Timezone table below)
     :SETCLOCK DATE=mm/dd/yy;TIME=hh:mm;NOW
     :SHOWCLKS.PUBXL.TELESUP    (to check the GMT setting)

3.  Setting the System Clock

     The system clock is set for local time. Prior to MPEIX release
     5.0, the system clock could only be set at bootup. Starting
     with MPEIX Release C.50.00, it can be adjusted by using the MPE
     command SETCLOCK with the TIMEZONE parameter when changing from
     daylight to standard time or the reverse.  It can also be used
     to adjust the system time but first verify that the GMT is set
     correctly.  The system clock is derived from the GMT and the
     GMT/Offset.   The GMT and the GMT Offset must be correct for
     the system clock to be correct.  To adjust the system clock
     do the following logged on as manager.sys:

     To adjust the system clock for standard and daylight time:

     :SETCLOCK TIMEZONE=Wn:00 (see Timezone table below)

     To adjust the system clock for other reasons:

     :SETCLOCK DATE=mm/dd/yy;TIME=hh:mm

4. CTIME function, used by the C/XL or COBOL languages.

     The CTIME clock is calculated using the TZ variable and the
     GMT, it does not rely on the system time or software clock.
     To activate the CTIME clock use the setvar command logged on
     on as manager.sys.

     :setvar tz "PST8PDT"
     :showvar tz
      TZ = PST8PDT

     Important Note: Include the above command for setting the TZ
          (time zone) variable in your system wide logon UDC.

5.  Table of Timezones Western Hemisphere:

 |               PACIFIC       MOUNTAIN      CENTRAL     EASTERN     |
 |               PST/PDT       MST/MDT       CST/CDT     EST/EDT     |
 |GMT/MPE    |    8 / 7    |    7 / 6    |    6 / 5    |  5 / 4      |
 |Offset:    |    HOURS    |    HOURS    |    HOURS    |  HOURS      |
 |SETCLOCK   |             |             |             |             |
 |TIMEZONE   | W8:00/W7:00 | W7:00/W6:00 | W6:00/W5:00 | W5:00/W4:00 |
 |PARM:(2)   |             |             |             |             |
 |TZ         |   PST8PDT   |   MST7MDT   |   CST6CDT   |  EST5EDT    |
 |VARIABLE(1)|             |             |             |             |
 |              ATLANTIC       ALASKA (3)    HAWAII(3)  NEWFOUNDLAND |
 |              AST/ADT        YST/YDT       CST/CDT      NST/NDT    |
 |GMT/MPE    |    4 / 3    |    9 / 8    |    10/9    |  3:30/2:30   |
 |Offset:    |    HOURS    |    HOURS    |    HOURS   |    HOURS     |
 |SETCLOCK   |             |             |            |              |
 |TIMEZONE   | W4:00/W3:00 | W9:00/W8:00 |W10:00/W9:00| W3:30/W2:30  |
 |PARM:(2)   |             |             |            |              |
 |---------------------------------------- -----------|--------------|
 |TZ         |   AST4ADT   |   YST9YDT   |  AST10ADT  |NST2:30NDT3:30|
 |VARIABLE(1)|             |             |            |              |

  Notes:(1) Include the command for setting the TZ (time zone)
            variable in your system wide logon UDC.
        (2) The "W" in the TIMEZONE parm indicates Western Hemisphere.
            To view the timezone variable values for areas not included
            in the charts above, do the following:
            :print tztab.lib.sys



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