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use #amdsp -a {devicename}

Ex. #amdsp -a fc60

可看到單一磁碟空間, LUN大小, 及LUN的狀態


Re-scan for the FC60 disk arrays use `amdsp -R`

What is your OS version, if it's HPUX 11i, is

your fc60 controller firmware hp08 ? if yes,

you have to downgrade the controller firmware

to hp03(use amdsp -a {name} to check)

flushing disk array log contents, try

# amutil -l {arrayid}

purging controller logs

# amutil -p

if you mean "reset to default", beware, your

data and LUN configuration might be disapear.

Or you can post your check result to us, that

will help pretty much.