What's the meaning?

What's the meaning?

My system has hang sometimes.

I check the GSP log and found the following log entry around the timeframe of system hang

Alert Level : 13 (System hang detected via timer popping.)

How can I do?what's the meaning of timer popping?

Thanks a lot?

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What's the meaning?

What's the meaning?

Yes,I have read the document you mentioned.Similar case but a little difference.


that error is a "bogus" error, although it can

be somewhat corrected by the latest GSP firmware and latest diagnostics


but my error is not "bogus",It is really hang.

So,only FW upgrade maybe can not be the final solution.

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What's the meaning?


the Alert Level 13 Message indicates GSP can't get heartbeat (System heart beat


it is a serious problem. I suggest you log a call with HP Support

You may also need to enter "tc" on the GSP prompt to produce a memory dump. The dump can be analyzed by HP.

Hope it helps

What's the meaning?

Pls check latest timestamp from /var/tombstones/ts99 and /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log.

BTW, what is your HP-UX server model & OS version?

What's the meaning?

maybe need live chassic log to check

What's the meaning?

I did not find valuable log from GSP.

I have to wait for next system hang,then go to collect memory dump for further analysis.