bash 當作root shell 有問題?

bash 當作root shell 有問題?

看到 hp 問答有提到,bash 當root shell,在進入單人模式「可能」會停止,如果 /usr 跟 /opt 都不另外切割,那...是不是就可以避過這個問題啊?
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bash 當作root shell 有問題?


In hpux, the login shell of root user should

use as a archived library excutable.

/sbin/sh is a archived library executable.

/usr/bin/sh is a shared library executable.

So, please use /sbin/sh as login shell of root, DO NOT change it.


when a shared libbrary executable excuting, the shared library must there. The shared library is resident in /usr file system.

Event throuth, if /usr is the same as / file system, we still recommand use /sbin/sh as root's login shell, because what if the shared library is corruppted.

Hope this can make things clear.



bash 當作root shell 有問題?



所有在/sbin下的程式都是STATICALLY linked,意思是所有的libraries都是程式的一部份

而在/usr/bin下的程式都是dynamically linked,如果要執行這些程式需要/usr/lib下的shared libraries

因為shared libraries可能會損毀或不存在,因此HP不建議使用其他的shell當login shell