respawning too fast怎解

respawning too fast怎解

我安裝了oracle 10g rac on ia64 linux AS3.0

重新開機後console 出現以下錯誤

init: Id "h1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes

respawning too fast 是什麼原因導致的ㄚ


這個 id h1 是oracle cluster 啟動crs的程序
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respawning too fast怎解

check your /var/log/messages file for this and similar errors from init and/or from any 'getty' that you happen to be using), you should double-check the syntax of your entry in /etc/inittab

double-check which serial port you're plugged into (remember Linux' numbering of

serial and printer ports sometimes doesn't correspond to DOS/BIOS extensions --- some crufty hardware may cause confusion), and check for IRQ conflicts and cabling errors.

respawning too fast怎解

參考附檔, 應該就可以徹底解決你的問題囉.