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3PAR/VMware LUN 254 Dead???

Occasional Advisor

3PAR/VMware LUN 254 Dead???

I have a new 3PAR, so far with only two LUNs, 1& 2. These work ok but VMware is showing a 3rd LUN, 254 as dead. I found some older posts saying this was due to the Port Persona being set to generic instead of Generic + Legacy, however this was only changeable in older versions, but  you can't change it with v2.3.1?

Can anyone verify this?

If so how do I fix this as Dead LUNs look bad even if they don't actually do anything.

Occasional Advisor

Re: 3PAR/VMware LUN 254 Dead???

Update: Actually you can change it, I was just looking in the wrong place :(

Just go into Hosts, and edit the Host (ie the ESX server).