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3PAR StoreServ Storage
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3PAR local notificacion

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3PAR local notificacion


I have a 3PAR management console (physical) with the following configuration:

Service Processor Onsite Customer Care - SPOCC:

Local Notification: Enabled
RAP Forwarding: Enabled
RAP Forwarding Advisory: RAP Forwarding shows ENABLED, yet it is not functional because the CCA is not set to OFF.

Service Processor - Customer Controlled Access:
Set Bi-directional HQ communications - remote access allowed

This console monitors an array 7400c.

I don't understand why it say "yet it is not functional because the CCA is not set to OFF."

CCA must be OFF ? Why ?

I 've recieved e-mails "Customer notification from HP ... Realtime Alert Process", and I know HPE support also can recieve notificacionts.

Please provide me any clues according your experience