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3Par VVOL and Array-based replication

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3Par VVOL and Array-based replication

when will 3Par VVOL and Array-based replication be supported ?

Regards Peter

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Re: 3Par VVOL and Array-based replication

The reason 3PAR doesn't support replication today with VMware vVols is because VMware vVols doesn't support replication....yet. I can't share dates or versions but VMware is working on the next version of vVols and so is the 3PAR team. We'll support it when VMware does.  


In fact there was a session at VMworld by my colleague Eric Siebert where he gave an overview of vVols and then talked about what's coming.  I have a blog post with video of his session. The other video in the blog post is also a really good video talking about 3PAR and all-flash so check it out!

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Re: 3Par VVOL and Array-based replication

Hi Calvin,

VMware anounced support for VVOL array replication with VASA 3.0 in vSphere 6.5. Do have more information what is required on 3PAR side?