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3par 8200 support FCOE direct attach

Occasional Contributor

3par 8200 support FCOE direct attach

 I have 2 servers HP DL380, HP 2920 switch, and 3PAR 8200, with additional ISCSI/FCoE cards.
They will connect both servers to the 3PAR using fiber channel ports.
If they need to connect another 3rd server to the storage using the FCoE port, I know they must install a CNA card in the server,
but I need to confirm if they can connect directly the 3rd server to the storage using FCoE ports, or they have to use a switch in between?
In case they will have to use a switch, can they use the 2920 with 10GBE SFP+ module (part number: J9731A) to establish the connection, or they have to buy another switch?

HPE Blogger

Re: 3par 8200 support FCOE direct attach

You can not direct connect to 3PAR via iSCSI or FCoE - you have to have a switch. The HP 2920 is a network switch and does not support FCoE.  You can use it for iSCSI connections.