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3par Remote Copy bandwidth issue

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3par Remote Copy bandwidth issue

Hi there,


Does anyone have configure the Remote Copy FC port with throttle bandwidth?


We have one customer using 3par inserv 7450 model 2 pairs node establish the connectivity between both production & DR site. There were bandwidth issue with their current utilization as when 3Par RC begin with new RC Group replication.


Thanks in advanced.



Sheldon Smith
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Re: 3par Remote Copy bandwidth issue

From the HP 3PAR Command Line Interface Reference:


controlport rate <rateval> [–f] <node:slot:port>...


where <rateval>

Specifies the data rate of the Fibre Channel port. Rates can be one of 1, 2, 4, or auto. 1 sets the data rate to 1 GBps, 2 sets the data rate to 2 GBps, and 4 sets the data rate to 4 GBps. The auto parameter sets the port to autodetect the data rate. This specifier must be used when issuing the rate subcommand.

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Re: 3par Remote Copy bandwidth issue

Thank you.