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3par cascade remote copy

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3par cascade remote copy

Is it possible to configure 3par for a cascade replication, we have 3par 1, 3par 2 (both f400) and 3par 3 (8200), currently replicating synchronously a volume set from 1 to 2, what we want is to replicate the same volume set from system 1 to 3 OR use the replicated volumes in 2 and replicate then to 3 as a manner of cascade. Is this possible? or is there another alternative so we have two copies of the same volume?


Re: 3par cascade remote copy

Hello Angyss,

We do have Synchronous Long Distance Configuration (SLD) options for Remote Copy replication which would allow two copies to two different arrays, (one over sync and one over async), considering you already have the synchronous configuration established this is the solution I would look into.

A good place to begin would be the 3PAR Remote Copy User Guide which will proivide you with configuration options.  Second would be the Upgrade pre-planning guide that can help in identification of supported configurations related to Inform OS versions.


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