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Adding cage (disk enclosure) on running HPE 3PAR 8200 system,

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Adding cage (disk enclosure) on running HPE 3PAR 8200 system,

Anybody have tips/links to documentation on how to add a new/extra disk cage to an existing (and in production) HPE 3PAR system?

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Re: Adding cage (disk enclosure) on running HPE 3PAR 8200 system,

HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 Storage Series Cabling Configuration Guide




That was not planned in this way.
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Re: Adding cage (disk enclosure) on running HPE 3PAR 8200 system,

OK, you are asking for tips/links to documentation! ealphen, this step is quite simple, if you did it several times, like me, but can be also very complicated and dangerous! My first advice will be to ask for HPE support!

If you still want to do it by yourself, here are the steps!

The first step is always to check if your system is healthy! A L W A Y S !!! How? In CLI run "checkhealth -svc - detail"

Second step is to check if your system is licensed for the total number of disks, which will be at the end! Often, when you are adding shelves and disks, you will have also to increase the number of licensed disks! How? CLI - showlicense
You have, on the second line, something like "System is licensed for x disks".  If you have to add license, use CLI and "setlicense". After adding the license, check it again with showlicense!

Third step, using SPOCC, is to update your system! Is a 7200, best is to go with it at " + P51,P56,P59,P60,P74,P80". This is 3.2.2 EMU4 plus latest patches! You will need SAID, in order to download software from here: https://h20575.www2.hpe.com/tsusbportal/index.do?lc=EN_US

Fourth step: put the 3PAR into maintenance mode!

Fift step: connect the red chain of cables! Wait around 5 minutes! Do a checkhealth -svc -detail and see the fact that the new enclosure appeared and is having "incorrect" number of connections! Then disconnect and reconnect green chain of cables. Plan the movements and do this as fast as you can! wait for 5 minutes, again, then do a checkhealth -svc -detail!

Sixt step: do "admithw -ni"

Last step: check, again, everything with "checkhealth -svc -detail"


Good luck!