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Can not create a CPG with Cage or port availability

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Can not create a CPG with Cage or port availability

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Hello ,

I have a 3par 8200 , I can not create a CPG with cage availbilty , Actually I am not sure if I undersatand what is availbilty means , So If some one can help to undersatand it and have the ability to create a cpg with high availbilty.

For your info the storage is new no CPG is yet created,  so no problem regarding the capacity.



Re: Can not create a CPG with Cage or port availability

May be you don't have sufficient cages to fullfil the Cage high availability condition to meet.

How many cages you have ?

How many drives you have? and how they are placed in terms of cages?

"Estimated free usable CPG Capacity" is Zero that means no sufficient cage available.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Can not create a CPG with Cage or port availability

You have a 3PAR 8200, so there is one disk cage (aka shelf or chassis) on the front of the two controllers. Do you have any additional disk cages? Are the physical disk drives (PD) split evenly between the multiple disk cages?

Cage Availability means the RAID sets are put together in such a way that if something were to happen to an entire disk shelf, the system could continue to function with the remaining disk shelves.
The minimum RAID set size is 4+2; with Cage availbility, you would need at least two expansion disk cages for RAID6. If you have only one extra disk cage, you would have to look at RAID1 with Cage availability.

I am going to surmise you do not have any extra disk cages, so you would need to change availability to Magazine. This looks just at the PDs when setting up the rules for creating the RAID sets.

The HPE Information Library (hpe.com/info/storage/docs) is a good source of information. Start by looking at the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage Concepts Guide. There are also a number of white papers there that look at various aspects in detail, such as HPE 3PAR StoreServ Architecture and HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage best practices guide.

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