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Change 3par Sparing Algorithm

Khurram exe

Change 3par Sparing Algorithm

Hi All,


We are configuring 3Par 7200 with 18 disks, during the OOTB setup i have to select the sparing options as Default, Minimal or Maximal. 


Since we have limited number of disks so can we chooese the sparing option as minimal during the OOTB setup and later once we recieve additional disk we would like to change the spare algorithm to Default. 


Is it possilbe to achieve if so please share the exact command and document. I have serached all ther reference guides but couldnt find the exact answer. 






P.S. This thread ahs been moevd from Disk Array to HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage. - Hp Forum Moderator

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Change 3PAR Sparing Algorithm

>we would like to change the spare algorithm to Default. 


See "showsys -param" and setsys for "SparingAlgorithm".

And admithw mentions spares.