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Configure QoS is grayed out

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Configure QoS is grayed out

While doing some exploration in the management console I noticed configure QoS i grayed out when I rigth click QoS under provisioning.  Is QoS something I need to license or do I need to enable it somewhere?

Sheldon Smith
Honored Contributor

Re: Configure QoS is grayed out

To create new QoS rules requires a Quality of Service license.

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Re: Configure QoS is grayed out

Ok thank you!  I'll look into getting the license then.

HPE Blogger

Re: Configure QoS is grayed out



I though it would be useful to provide you with this Technical Whitepaper, that talks about HP 3PAR Priority Optimization, including best practices for setting up QoS rules.


You can download it here.


Also, I can assist you with getting in contact with the correct Account Team. I'm going to send over a private message so we can connect offline.






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