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Create RC group failes with tpgid message

Occasional Contributor

Create RC group failes with tpgid message

Hi all

When trying to create new rc-group the job failes with the following error: Volume q-HNF2_Content01 tpgid 256 does not match with group 2to4_q-hnf2-sql's tpgid 257

Could somone enlighten me on this? What could be wrong?

There are functioning rc groups between these two systems already.





Esteemed Contributor

Re: Create RC group failes with tpgid message

Look for "showvlun -a" at the ID Field.
You can change the tpgid with: setvv –settpgid <tpgid> <vvname>

Are the Volumes Imported Volumes?
Search for Issue: 160232

In peer persistence configuration the correct TPG id values are 257 & 258

That's my hint.
But I would not change this at my own, better to contact the Support.