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Data Migration Between VMAX and 3PAR

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Data Migration Between VMAX and 3PAR

This is my first post and sorry if I post in the wrong place.
I need to migrate data from a emc vmax to a hp 3par. I plan to use the OpenReplicator from EMC. When I do the zonning between VMAX and 3PAR, the wwn from Vmax does not appear in the 3par -> host -> Paths -> unassigned, but I am able to see in vmax console (list logins).
Someone knows a document that can help me or someone already see this situation?
I tried to reconfigure the Fibre Channel port, in 3PAR Management Console, to PEER (mode) or Loop (type) without effect.


Thanks in advance


Re: Data Migration Between VMAX and 3PAR



I amnot sure how the emc openreplicator work.


if you want to allocated VVS from 3par to VMAX, then replicate data to allocated VVs,  YOu should configure 3par ports in host mode using  IMC or CLI 


controlport config hosts <Node>:<Slot>:<Port> 


if you didn't manage to migrate data using emc openreplicator, i strongly suggest to use any of host base replication tools like


1. Svmotion  --> vmware & hyperv

2. pvmove  ----> hpux & linux

3. migratevg -----> aix  





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Re: Data Migration Between VMAX and 3PAR

Hi PrasanthVA,

Thank you for your help

I already did configured the 3par port as HOST, but I the emc port didnt appear in the 3par host list.
And without this I cannot present a VV to the host "EMC_VMAX"