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Disk relocation by servicemag (3PAR 8000)

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Disk relocation by servicemag (3PAR 8000)

i need to move 3 of the drives from slots 19, 15,11 to Slots 20,21,22 using a servicemag approach. How to do this?
Transfer offline 6 disks, physically rearrange, and then make a resume in the servicemag? Does it work like this?
I have a pdf with the commands of the servicemag, but what kind of commands do I need to enter for relocation?

Thanks for the help!

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Re: Disk relocation by servicemag (3PAR 8000)


try this

Step            Command                                                                                             Purpose
1)      setpd ldalloc off <DiskID>                                                             To stop data to drive - Repeat for all PDs
2 )    showpd -s                                                                                        Make sure disks are in Degraded state
3 )    servicemag start -log -nodisks <CageID> <Magazine>                 Take drives Offline
4)    servicemag status -d                                                                       Wait untill servicemag returns "Succeeded"
5 )   Move PD from old C:M:D to new C:M:D                                           Move the PD from old position to new position
6)    servicemag resume <NewCageID> <NewMagazine>                      Resume service on PDs
7)    servicemag status -d                                                                       Wait untill servicemag clears
8 )  servicemag clearstatus <OldCageID> <OldMagazin>                    Clear the Status of the servicemag operation
9)   servicemag unmark <OldCageID> <OldMagazin>                     Unmark the Posision of the old PD after the servicemag operation.

10)   Redo Steps 3-9 for all PDs
11 )   setpd ldalloc on <DiskID>                                          Resume data to drive (after all PDs are online) - Repeat for all PDs
12)   tunesys -chunkpct 1                                                 Tune System

I hope this helps


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