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EVA to 3PAR Online Import, support for old EVAs

pablo ramirez
Occasional Contributor

EVA to 3PAR Online Import, support for old EVAs



i was trying to find some info related to this feature and if it is supported for these EVA models:




i found that it is supposed to be available 60 days after General Availabiity of the initial release already released, but still nothing. Because of that the question is:  are those EVAs already supported, and waiting for official certification?? (i mean I can use Online Import with any of them right now with CV 10.2), or they are not supported until next CV/firmware release?? Has anyone tried to use Online Import with an EVA not officially supported??


Thanks in advance.



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Re: EVA to 3PAR Online Import, support for old EVAs



A list of supported EVAs can be found towards the end of the following doc


and on SPOCK


It's the EVA and the OS which are the limiting factors, not just the EVA



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