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Entry Level 3PAR 7200 Perfomance

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Entry Level 3PAR 7200 Perfomance

Hi All,

Have a 3PAR storeserv 7200, 8Gbps SAN with 8 x 600 SAS drives. I am wondering what kind of speeds I am supposed to get from it. Come from and EVA background and still a newbie to 3PAR.

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Re: Entry Level 3PAR 7200 Perfomance

It's difficult to give you any real data on what you'll see compared to your EVA.  I think I could generalize and say it will be better, especially if you have a mixed workload environment.  Your 3PAR is an entry level configuration so while I'd expect you to have better performance than you EVA, the magnitude of improvement wouldn't be as much for a larger configuration (4 nodes or more, more spindles).  Congrats on the new 3PAR!


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Shael Richmond
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Re: Entry Level 3PAR 7200 Perfomance

I am testing a 7200 with 16 drives right now.  I did some testing and compared times against a EVA4400 and it was a wash.  This was under OpenVMS, but disk copy, database backup, booting were all within a few seconds of each other.